Vancouver BC – Today the Sportsmans Conservation Alliance (SCA) launched the ‘Hunter’s Pledge’ to battle back against false accusations leveled against hunters and anglers by anti-hunting activists. The Hunter’s Pledge delivers a message that hunters care about and appreciate wild animals and the natural world they rely on.
‘Where do you go to get your reputation back when you have been falsely accused?’ said SCA President Mark Werner. ‘The Hunter’s Pledge is a declaration of the hunter’s commitment to protecting how an animal lives, and how it dies. Society demands more than the conservation of a species to support hunting, it demands the knowledge that hunters respect and protect animals in their natural state. Hunters were the first animal welfare advocates, protecting wildlife and fisheries’.

You can find out more on the Hunter’s Pledge website.

The Hunter’s Pledge is the first time that the hunting community has stepped up to proudly declare its ethics and standards in respect to animal welfare. The wild and natural sustenance that hunters and their families enjoy is dependent on the long-term sustainability of wildlife and fisheries and the ability to exercise our right to hunt and fish.