Migratory bird counts in Canada’s boreal forests continue to drop, but industry is taking on efforts to limit their impact on the declines being seen in Northeast B.C.

Around 40 residents turned out to the to the Lido Theatre April 12 for a presentation by Mark Phinney, a Dawson Creek forester and wildlife biologist, and environmental advisor at Encana.

“A lot of people say that birds are everywhere, there are so many birds here, if you look out into your backyard,” Phinney said. “But 20 years ago there were more, and 40 years ago there were even more than that. You have to look at the data to get a real sense of the decline.”

The Peace River region winds through the south edge of the boreal forest, an area unusual for its diversity of migrating bird species, Phinney said. About 200 species nest here, including Brewer’s blackbirds, which will be back in the Peace in a couple weeks, great grey owls, American three-toed woodpeckers, and alder flycatchers. Several of the species hosted by the south boreal are not found elsewhere in B.C.