It wasn’t a nice picture. Sallow faces pressed against the window pane, eyes sharp as daggers from a fresh binge of carrot munching, staring at him

“A Toronto chef … exasperated at an animal rights protest outside his restaurant … carried a leg of raw venison to the front windows facing the sidewalk. As the protesters watched, he took a knife and began separating the meat from the bone.” Deliciously, the story continues with the account of how an hour later, the chef returned to those same front-facing windows, plonked down his plate and tucked into a seared steak with great relish and gusto, on full display to his dismal tormentors.

Let us salute a hero of our times: Michael Hunter, owner-chef of Antler Kitchen and Bar, Toronto. Let me go further: Jordan Peterson, wherever you are on this twirling, politically correct, cringingly apologetic globe, come home soon and eat, defiantly (go for the deer tartar) at Antler!

This post taken from National Post by Rex Murphy
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