About the SCA

Our Mission and Our Mandate

The Sportsmans Conservation Alliance is a political advocacy group that believes:

  • a person’s right to hunt and fish is a human right
  • that it is an intergenerational right that relies on abundant, sustainable fish and wildlife populations, and
  • that the conservation of fish and wildlife is the underpinning of a person’s right to hunt and fish.


The Sportsman’s Conservation Alliance mission is achieved through a 3 Pillars approach with a clear, comprehensive and targeted strategy.

Science and Conservation

Promote the conservation, stewardship and sustainable harvest of fish and wildlife.

  1. Provide leadership in determining landscape-based objectives for wildlife habitat and populations, and advance the use of science as the principle tool in selecting appropriate management actions.
  2. Advocate and defend the landscape-based management and conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitat.

Social License

Advocate for the acceptance and approval of hunting and fishing as ethical recreational, wildlife management and sustenance activities.

  1. Strengthen the social licence enjoyed by hunters and anglers through communication, education and outreach to promote;
    • the enhancement of fish and wildlife populations by supporting stewardship initiatives that conserve and protect fish and wildlife, and their habitat,
    • the evidence-based, sustainable management of fish and wildlife targeted at urban-based citizens, connecting them to rural communities and rural values, and
    • the sustainable and ethical harvest of wild fish and game to urban conservationists who wish to be responsible for the harvest and preparation of their own food supply.
  2. Challenging the myths about hunting and hunters being perpetuated by anti-hunting organizations and protest groups by producing film and television productions exposing the true agendas and objectives of the anti-hunting activists.

Legal & Legislative

Protect a person’s right to hunt and fish through legal and legislative initiatives.

  1. Leading efforts to address legislative, regulatory and policy changes that will positively influence land management activities for the benefit of all people.
  2. Advocating for legislative, policy and regulatory changes that preserve and protect a person’s right to hunt and fish, primarily through introduction of Right to Hunt and Fish legislation and amendments, provincially and federally in Canada.
  3. Initiating and facilitating environmental appeals, judicial reviews and other legal challenges of hunting and fishing decisions that restrict a person’s right to hunt and fish.

Why We Are United…

For the past decade well-organized, wealthy, foreign-funded groups have been attacking and undermining a person’s right to hunt and fish in Canada. A network of foreign charities has invaded the Canadian political and media space to eliminate the opportunities and areas where hunters and anglers enjoy their activities.

For many years these charities and political action groups have operated under the radar, manipulating both the media and elections. Hunters and anglers have had their reputations and standing in the community condemned, questioning their values, ethics and morals.

Severe, unjustified restrictions have been placed on hunters and anglers to satisfy a never-ending quest to eliminate our rights.



Our activities are concentrated primarily in BC and Canada, but our partners are from around the world.

Our support comes from individuals and organizations that support hunting, fishing and the conservation and sustainable use of fish and wildlife.