Canadian Law Protects our Right to Hunt

Hunting and fishing should be recognized as legitimate tools with which to effectively manage the fish and wildlife of BC

Sustainable Use & Science Based Management

Can protect our sport fishing industry and its substantial economic benefits

Uniting Urban and Rural Hunter Gatherers

In the pursuit of organic and natural food sources including wild meat.

Protecting our Hunting Heritage

Through conservation, communication, and political advocacy.

Bass Pro Shops Listen to Mark Werner, speaking about his efforts to understand and fight the anti-hunting and fishing movement in Canadian politics with Rob Keck on Rural Radio.

Sportsmen have been under attack for many years by well-funded national anti-hunting groups who demonstrate a clear disregard for both the cherished traditions of many American and Canadian citizens as well as responsible wildlife management in their drive to eliminate hunting and fishing. We believe that hunting is a valuable life skill that leads to a better understanding of the environment and it is important to protect hunting traditions for future generations. We invite you to JOIN THE FIGHT and TAKE THE HUNTERS PLEDGE to show your support for hunting traditions and it’s roll in wildlife conservation.

The Sportsmans Conservation Alliance was formed to advocate for the conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitat, and a person’s right to hunt and fish. The SCA mission is to communicate conservation initiatives that conserve and protect fish and wildlife habitat, and by promoting the science-based, sustainable management of fish and wildlife to urban based citizens, connecting them to rural values and a person’s right to hunt and fish. The SCA believes a person’s right to hunt and fish is a human right and should not be infringed unless it negatively impacts conservation or public safety. A person’s right to hunt and fish is an intergenerational right that can only be passed down by ensuring that healthy fish and wildlife populations exist for future generations. SCA acts as an information and advocacy portal to promote and protect our hunting and fishing heritage. The primary objective of SCA is the education and engagement of urban conservationists who support the sustainable, ethical harvest of wild fish and game and wish to be responsible for the harvest and preparation of their own food supply.

‘For those who have come before, and those yet to come.’


If you are a hunter who believes in protecting the natural world and who cares about the health and welfare of wildlife and the animals that you hunt… Take the Hunter’s Pledge and add your name to our growing list of supporters who believe in the right to hunt and fish.


Our organization is growing in numbers and support.  If you believe that everyone has the right to hunt and fish and want to be involved in the fight to keep that right – join us by becoming a member. You will be added to our email list and kept informed of our strategies and initiatives.


The Sportsmans Conservation Alliance is dedicated to recognition of a person’s right to hunt and fish as a human right, through conservation, communication, and political advocacy. Our primary objective is the education and engagement of urban conservationists.


In addition to posting our own viewpoints, we keep a close eye on what the anti’s are doing on social media. To make it easier for you we have selected a number of social media feeds from various “anti” hunting groups and organizations and presented them all on one page called the Conservation Web.

Animal Rights Social Feeds


We monitor the social accounts of various animal rights and conservation groups to help keep you in the loop on what is developing and trending with the environmentalists. Learn what groups like Animal Aid, The Fur-Bearers, and Mercy for Animals are talking about.

Marine Rights Activists


It is important to stay aware of what is happening in the world when it comes to environmental and conservation issues. We follow and list the twitter feeds from organizations like NOAA Fisheries, Seafood Harvesters, One World, One Ocean and more to keep you informed.

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